We have already provided quite a bit of background information and so we will now just get to the letter after a few quick comments.

First: the letter can admittedly be a bit hard to follow because it was written to PASTOR1 but it includes parts of a letter which the husband wrote to his estranged wife.  This can make it a bit hard to follow but if you look for the "BEG" and "END" words those signify parts of the letter written to the wife, which were copied and pasted into the letter to PASTOR1.


Second:  it might come across that the wife is somehow complicit.  The husband wants to make it 100% clear that the worse thing the wife would possibly be guilty of is being naive as to this dishonest and sinning PASTOR1.  They have been married almost 24 years and the husband trusts her.  Period.  End of story.  The fault lies on the pastor.

Third:  The letter was sent as one letter to the PASTOR1 but it was 20 pages and so it has been artificially split into three sections on this website.

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