Below is the email sent to PASTOR1 confronting him for the smut he was following on Instagram.

Sent: Sunday, April 28, 2019 4:46 PM
Subject: Sad stuff




Sending this email is one of the saddest emails I have probably ever had to send in my life.


But in reviewing your Instagram account it has become clear that you are involved in following inappropriate content – some of which could count as “soft porn”. This includes

  • Topless women facing away from the camera

  • A topless woman showing her breast and areola (but whiting out her nipple)

  • Rampant pictures of women in very revealing bikinis

  • Rampant pictures of women in bikinis showing their behinds

  • Plenty of pictures of women in compromising positions

  • Women dressed provocatively

  • The objectifying of women (one example: four women laying topless face down in bikini bottoms)

  • And more


There are seven accounts you follow, plus a hashtag that seem to demonstrate an intent to seek this content out. This is not done by accident. You don’t accidentally follow seven inappropriate accounts and then type out the hashtag. Even if you did it by accident (which doesn’t seem likely seven times plus typing) as the accounts posted inappropriate content you would have realized the mistake and unfollowed them. But you didn’t. I don’t say all this to be harsh but to make it clear you will not explain yourself out of this as some “fluke” or “mistake”. There’s too much there brother. It’s easy to mistakenly follow an account or to follow an account that seems pure / decent only to have them post inappropriate stuff once in a while. But some of these accounts are chalk full of bad stuff. And there are multiple accounts. And based on the history of what some of these accounts post it’s unclear how there could be an morally pure reason for following them in the first place.


Brother you should realize that this is public information.

  • Anyone who follows you knows that you follow these seven accounts plus hashtag

    • I don’t know if your kids are on Instagram but if they are then it would mean that they COULD know you follow such content

    • The same would go for any one of your followers on Instagram who are counselees, fellow pastors, etc.

  • Plus, these accounts themselves know you follow them

  • Plus, others who follow these accounts possibly know you follow them


Even if you try to claim that you don’t pay attention to this content, the fact that it can be publicly known that you subscribe to it is a bad testimony on Christ’s name, CHCC (since you work for them) and the CHCC counselling office.


I have attached a link to an extensive PDF document with screenshots showing

  • your account,

  • header information from these 7 accounts (but not the hashtag) you follow

  • as well as certain content from those accounts

    • this content is defiling but needs to be presented as proof of the smut in the accounts you follow.


Brother you let me take the lead in “hacking Agag” in my own sin and you and REDACTED were both so gracious for the bulk of time in working with me. But you also were firm in that the sin needed to be judged and consequences dealt with. I know that you know these are sinful things to look at and I won’t harp on it but Scripture is always in order and so since you hold yourself out to be a

  • Christian pastor

  • Christian counsellor

  • Head of a Biblical Counselling program


You would be considered a leader and since you and CHCC (rightfully) preach against pornography and sexual impurity and yet you yourself indulge in them I feel the things Jesus said to the religious leaders of his day are best. I was going to paste some verses but it was too difficult for me (this is hard for me brother; very sad) to include so I encourage you to read Matthew 23.


I have every intention of giving you the opportunity to take the lead in hacking Agag. As of now I have not talked to anyone within CHCC or the counselling office about this and will let you absorb this in the presence of the Lord as you decide how to confess it to leadership within CHCC, etc.


I will be praying for you and your family and please know that you are not alone in this struggle. I think every Christian man with access to the internet can sympathize.




PS The attachment is quite large so it’s possible it doesn’t make it through your firewall, etc. So, I will send this email by itself with a link to the attachment and another email with the attachment attached.




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