The Illusion of Accountability with Biblical Counseling and ACBC

If you have read through this website you have been made aware of some very serious sins by a “biblical” counselor.

This naturally raises the question: what is a “biblical” counselor and who holds such counselors accountable?

This pastor is certified by ACBC and ICBC.

To provide further background, there are two additional letters written to Canyon Hills Community Church. There was a letter written to this pastor in February 2020 and a letter written to the elders in February 2020. The contents of those letters reveal astonishing spiritual abuse, counseling abuse, abuse of authority, cult-like projections of authority and much, much more. Those letters may be released at a later date, but for now saving my marriage from being ruined by this pastor is my number one goal and so his use of smut and using it as a wedge between my wife and I is my number one concern.

So I did file a complaint with ACBC and to their credit they did respond and ask for further information about 10 days after I filed the complaint. In response I forwarded the 3 letters to their “Director of Membership Services” but the short of it is this:

1. They are offering a certificate not a license. Not being in the industry I think the main difference is that ACBC really has no “legal authority” that a license would indicate. While this may seem nice that these men can offer counsel free of governmental licensing, we can now see that it means something completely different. They can act with impunity and without accountability.

2. While they do have a code of conduct they seem to rely heavily on the local church to administer discipline. So in this case, when the elders are on board with extremely sinful behavior it seems ACBC may simply defer to the leadership at Canyon Hills and let this man keep his certificate.

3. They offer absolutely no transparency to the general public about what their counselors have been accused of and what the results of ACBC investigations are. They will only simply take your information if you have a complaint and the only additional feedback you will get is whether that certificate has been pulled from that counselor. That means that if you have concerns, for example, of sexual predation by one of their counselors they will take your information and then tell you NOTHING MORE except for whether they pulled his certificate. But, if they look into it and decide to let him keep his certificate, you have no way to tell everyone else what he was accused of. It is simply up to ACBC to adjudicate and you are expected to trust their process and their judgment. Far different from the accountability and transparency they want counselees to live under. So for a counseling methodology that wants its counselees to be transparent and godly and accountable – when it comes time to their own counselors they simply won’t tell you what they are up to. (See a pattern yet?) These people at ACBC want you to trust their “promise” of enforcing their code of conduct. But, if the Better Business Bureau provides transparency of accusations against businesses – then why can’t ACBC? It’s perhaps this secrecy that has allowed this PASTOR1 and Canyon Hills to act with such impunity: IF the elders decide to “protect” the pastor and if they know ACBC largely defers to local church authority and provides no transparency of accusations against their certificate holders – then these counselors at CHCC can act with abandon knowing they are operating in a zone defined only by themselves.

Here’s a suggestion.

Avoid the illusion of “biblical” counseling – it’s just a certificate issued by an organization which provides no transparency though they sure want you to “trust” them and their “biblical” approach.

Instead, hire a trusted, licensed Christian counselor who, if there is abuse and overreach, you at least have an out to the governmental authorities.

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