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This is a website devoted to examining Christian topics. The name comes from the practice in Luther’s day of posting information to share on the church door for others to read and digest. We are aware that Luther himself posted his 95 theses on the door of the church but that was actually not an unusual thing to do in his day. People would post things on the church door as a way of getting that subject into the public dialog, if you will.

So while this website will obviously not have the impact of Luther’s church door post, it is nonetheless meant to be a place to become more fully informed on subjects that perhaps churches don’t preach from the pulpit because the subjects don’t have “general interest” or because of other, more subtle, reasons.

The first post is about church authority and while that is a rather dry subject, it was the first post for a reason. If you plan on engaging and following along on this journey, please consider taking the time to read that document. It will provide a foundation for what is ahead to discuss.

Please come back maybe every 3 to 5 days to read a new post on this journey, our first “case study” or two.

And of course, send feedback here https://www.thechurchdoor.com/contact

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