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A church that doesn't force their pastors to respect the bond between a husband and wife should be avoided.

This website is currently devoted to disclosing and analyzing certain practices and behaviors of Canyon Hills Community Church, based in Bothell, Washington.


The primary concern is that a husband is concerned that a pastor is being dishonest about his smut consumption and is using is own dishonesty to become a wedge between the husband and his estranged wife.


The husband wrote a letter to the offending pastor (referred to as PASTOR1) asking the pastor about his involvement and influence over his wife, and the elders have instructed the pastor to not answer the husband's letter!


That letter is posted on this website for readers to read for themselves, and I’m confident any husbands reading this letter would want the answers this husband is looking for.


Second, each attendee of Canyon Hills is encouraged to read the questions posed on this website and be prepared to ask the pastoral staff and elders of CHCC these questions.


NOTE:  The reader will notice that the name of the specific pastor is redacted.  The principal reason for that is the husband does not want to reveal his own name because he does not want the identity of his wife to be revealed.  And so if the husband won’t reveal his own name he does not feel it is fair to reveal the name of the specific pastor.


But additionally, what is at stake here is more than just one pastor sinning.  The reader can come to their own conclusion what that means.


There is a lot of content on this website.  It will probably take an hour to read all of the content and reading all of the content is necessary in order to fully understand all the moving pieces.  In fact the reader may need to read everything a couple of times as there are key details to discern which are rather subtle. 


There are conclusions to arrive at which are best arrived at by meditating and digesting slowly what is presented here.  If you are really pressed for time, then reading the Questions page would be a good page to read if you are in a rush.

Refusing to answer questions about their behavior and practices is not the sign of a healthy or godly church.

In John 18:20 Jesus said that he taught nothing in secret, but spake openly.

CHCC should have that same transparency that Jesus had and answer the questions posed to them.

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