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This website is currently devoted to disclosing and analyzing the practices and behaviors of a church in the Greater Seattle, Washington area.

This will be done by sharing 3 letters written to the church, all of which they refused to answer. 


These letters were based on a certain man’s experiences and interactions with the church and a para-office of theirs, and their behavior became so remarkable - over and over again - that he wrote them 3 separate letters asking for clarification, apologies, restitution, etc.  As already mentioned, they refused to answer the letters.

Refusing to answer questions by an aggrieved fellow Christian is not a hallmark of transparency or godliness.  In James 3 we are told that godly wisdom is "easily entreated" and so if this church were acting in a godly way then certainly they should be willing, in humility, to answer the questions.  If they realized that they sinned then just apologize and make it right.  But stonewalling is not a godly response and so if they refuse to answer the questions to this man then perhaps by sharing the letters and some supporting documentation with the broader Christian community they will feel compelled to answer the questions as being accountable to the broader body of Christ.  None of us live or die to ourselves.

In John 18:20 Jesus said "I spake openly to the world; I ever taught in the synagogue, and in the temple, whither the Jews always resort, and in secret have I said nothing."

Having secret doctrines or practices which you refuse to acknowledge in writing is not the mark of a church following in the steps of Christ and so the broader Christian community should be aware of this church and their practices as they prayerfully consider if this is a church they should attend.


The name of the church and pastors he interacted with will be redacted for now but will be revealed when the final content of the third letter is released.  At that time the name of the man will also be revealed. 


The practices and behaviors and doctrines that are revealed should be prayerfully considered in the light of Scripture – regardless of the name of the church and pastors – and if the name of the church were known from the beginning it might distract from the substance of the concerns, as well as draw unnecessary media attention (the latter mainly due to sexual sins of a pastor that were discovered, which the elders decided to “protect”, according to the guilty pastor).  However, if the letters are released slowly the hope is that the readers will prayerfully consider each individual release of information so that when the names are revealed, that if this happens to be their own church, the reader will have an appropriate response that is firmly grounded in obedience to Christ who is the head of the church.

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